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Construction Information Management System (CIMS)

CIMS (e-Builder)

About PSFA Training Offerings and FAQ’s

What is e-Builder?

e-Builder is a web-based Construction Information Management System (CIMS) that automates and integrates complex processes allowing users to manage projects, programs, resources and assets across the lifecycle of construction and remodel projects. It also integrates the flow of information and communication between project team members allowing collaboration and visibility into the same documents and information. This results in saving time, reducing the potential for error, and accelerating project milestones.

How can I get access to e-Builder?

Contact your PSFA Regional Manager regarding acquiring a login and password for the e-Builder system.

What is the address to login to the e-Builder web site?

To access the e-Builder login page go to and click on the Login link in the upper portion of the page. It is a best practice to save the login page as a Favorite or Bookmark in your web browser.

What is the Facilities Assessment Database?

The Facilities Assessment Database (FAD) is a tool used to prioritize funding for public school facilities statewide through the Public School Capital Outlay Council (PSCOC). It combines building repair cost and system lifecycle analysis with the New Mexico Adequacy Standards to evaluate brick and mortar conditions as well as it educational functionality to create the New Mexico Condition Index (NMCI). Weight factors are then applied to create the Weighted New Mexico Condition Index (wNMCI). This index enables the comparison of all the public schools in the state to determine greatest need for funding the correction of school deficiencies.  This list is ultimately sorted so that a ranking can be generated identifying greatest capital need.

The ranked list will display the schools in most need of repair or replacement at the top of the list sorted by wNMCI.  Every year the state will work down from the top of the list and fund needs as available revenues allow. Once corrected, the school drops to the bottom of the ranked list, and lower level needs accordingly move up in priority.

The FAD incorporates facility data for all New Mexico public schools and is updated throughout the year via field assessments, master plan updates, and district stakeholder exchange. School districts are asked to review their facility data and send updated information to the Public School Facilities Authority (PSFA).  PSFA is responsible for warehousing the facility information in the database.

How do I gain access to the Facilities Assessment Database?

Access to the FAD is limited to Districts and Facility Master Planners, if a District or Master Plan Vendor does not have access please reach out to the Facilities Assessment Database Manager for login credentials.

If you do have active credentials you can access the FAD at

Training Materials

One on one training is available by request, please contact the Facilities Assessment Database Manager to schedule.