Project Development FAQ’s

Where do I find out about PSFA projects bidding?

PSFA projects can be found on the Current PSCOC Project Status Report located on our web site under Operations –> Project Development.

How does the 3-Year Extended Service & Maintenance work?

The 3-Year Maintenance Agreement is in place to help ensure that the district maintenance personnel become knowledgeable regarding the requirements of maintenance associated with the HVAC Controls System so that they can maintain the system long after the contractor completes the project.

The 3-year Maintenance Agreement is a separate agreement between the district and the contractor selected to maintain the system and perform the required maintenance to the HVAC system for 3 years after the district occupies the facility. As already stated, these 3 years are used to educate the district personnel in the daily routine as well as the long term maintenance required in order to keep the installed HVAC System and the Controls in working condition for the duration of the Systems warranty and beyond.

What purpose does the Roofing Consultant/Observers serve?

The Roofing consultant is the owners separate consultant providing pre-design services, design review services and routine field observation services on the project scope of work involving roofing. They serve as another set of eyes on the project. They are involved in the projects early in the design stages to review and comment on the selection of the roofing system, the associated details, and the specifications to ensure that the best roof for that particular project has been selected and specified. They then continue with daily on-site observation during the construction phase, again to ensure that the roof design and specifications are met and that the roofing system is being installed properly, meeting all conditions of the contract.

What purpose does the Performance Assurance Contractor (PAC) serve?

Similar to the concept of the roofing consultants, the PAC provides another set of eyes and expertise regarding the HVAC System and associated controls. They are brought on board during the project’s development to review the selected HVAC System and Controls, review the drawings and the specifications to again ensure that the best systems have been selected for that particular project based on energy efficiency, climate control, ease of maintenance and geographical area. They then follow up during construction to ensure that the system designed and specified is the system being installed. They also ensure that the HVAC System is Tested and Balanced per the contract documents.

How is the PSFA Design Professional Fee Schedule determined?

PSFA has a Fee Schedule in place based on the “scope of work” of each project, taking into consideration the type of project to establish a guideline for a fee percentage for Basic services, based upon an estimated Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) that does not include NM GRT.

More Information

How do I find out who the Regional Manager (RM) is in a school district, for more information?

The Regional Managers District Map can be found on the PSFA web site under the Project Development section, or by clicking here.