Educational Master Planning and Procurement:




PSFA Educational Specification Resource Manual PSFA Educational Specification Deliverables - 02.17.2016




Facility Master Planning (FMP) and Procurement:




Master Planning ProcurementGuidelines and ChecklistsFMP Templates

School District Five-Year FMP's




State Chartered Schools Five-Year Ed Spec's/FMP's




Facility Utilization and Educational Programming:

Elementary School Utilization Worksheet - Revised

Middle School/High School Utilization - Revised/
Capacity Template




Facility Assessment Database (FAD):





Charter and Alternative Schools:

Design Development and Approval




Building Standards and Planning Guidelines:

Adequacy Standards and Guidelines

Design Standards

Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE)

HVAC & Controls Design Guidelines

PSFA 2016 Historic Properties Procedural Policy







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FAQ for Facility Planning