Preventive Maintenance (PM) Planning:


Roof Data Collection Forms

NBR - Roof Data Collection Guidelines
NBEa - Roof Data Collection Import for New Buildings

Equipment Inventory Data Collection Forms

NBE-Equipment Data Collection Guidelines for New Buildings
NBEa - Equipment Data Collection Import Excel Format for New Buildings


Interactive PM Task List Index
The Facility Management Acronym Guide 2018
Facility Maintenance Assessment Report (FMAR) Reference Guide
Minimal General Equipment PMs sheet
Life Safety PM Matrix sheet
Building Systems Visual Inspection Checklist
Roofing Inspections Checklist
2018 PM Planning Criterion letter

Current Preventive Maintenace Plan Template:

Preventative Maintenance Plan Template Letter
Preventative Maintenance Plan Sample Annual Update Letter
PSFA PMP Table of Contents
PSFA PMP Section 1.0 Purpose & Policy Statement
PSFA PMP Section 2.0 District Maintenance Goals
PSFA PMP Section 3.0 Maintenance Organization Structure
PSFA PMP Section 4.0 Maintenance Priorities and Processes
PSFA PMP Section 5.0 Inspection and Maintenance Schedules
PSFA PMP Section 6.0 Scheduled PM Tasks
PSFA PMP Section 7.0 Established Custodial Duties and Responsibilities
PSFA PMP Section 8.0 District Facilities and Equipment
PSFA PMP Section 9.0 Planned Major Maintenance and Repair Projects
PSFA PMP Section 10.0 Maintenance Staff Development Plan
PSFA PMP Section 11.0 Maintenance Safety Plan
PSFA PMP Section 12.0 Service Contract and Vendor Oversight
PSFA PMP Section 13.0 Facility Master Plan Assessment
PSFA PMP Section 14.0 Facility Safety Assessments
PSFA PMP Section 15.0 Maintaining Equipment Records
PSFA PMP Section 16.0 Maintenance Reports
PSFA PMP Section 17.0 Energy Management Plan
PSFA PMP Section 18.0 Building/Property Assessments
PSFA PMP Section 19.0 Grounds Plan
PSFA PMP Section 20.0 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program
PSFA PMP Section 21.0 Maintaining Synthetic Turf