About Funding for Schools

Funding FAQ's

Q. How does the state assist school districts with the cost of building and maintaining schools?

The state of New Mexico offers a variety of funding assistance programs for planning, project development and construction. Please See Here.

Q. How can my school district apply for facilities funding from the state?

The short answer: you need to apply. New Mexico ranks all school facilities needs statewide according to a standards-based formula, and in general, prioritizes funding to the greatest needs at the top of the list. The list of ranked facility needs is called the New Mexico Condition Index (NMCI) or the Facilities Assessment Database (FAD). Even if your school district has a facilities need ranked the highest, your district will still need to fill out an application for the state to award funding to address that need. Apply Here.

Q. Other than having a school facility need ranked near the top of the NMCI list,  and applying for funding, is there anything else that my district needs to do to apply for, or become eligible for a state capital outlay award?

There are some specific requirements:

  • Your district must have a PSFA-approved, current five year facilities master plan.
  • Your district must have a PSFA-approved, current preventive maintenance plan.
  • The majority of state capital outlay requires a local funding match, and your district will need to determine whether a local bond election or other source of funds will be needed to raise local matching funds.
  • The data for your district in the FAD database will need to be current.  Maintaining this data is a responsibility of each individual district, however PSFA staff can assist.
  • Your district will need to submit a funding application, which will generally have a submission deadline.
  • Those are the main five prerequisites, and there may be some variance in requirements for special program assistance funding. Please See Here.

    More Information

    Q. Where can I find complete information on PSCOC funding programs and the application process?

    There is a user's guide for the PSFA online application, download PDF Here.

    For a complete overview of the entire process, the order of process steps and checklists for each sub-process, download PDF Here.